Putting Your Child's Safety First

Privacy and Safety

We're committed to keeping you and your family safe. And we've designed Imaginary Friends with that in mind

Imaginary Friends books communicate directly with the adults first: nothing gets to your child without going through you. You’ll always be able to preview content before it gets released and you control a lot of the experience.

We’re also fully compliant with COPPA/PIPEDA laws, which are designed to protect children’s privacy online. Our databases are encrypted, and we always use a secure connection, so your information is protected. Plus, any information you give us about your child is completely optional, although we do encourage personalization. That’s why we will never sell your information to a third party.

We’re here to create long-lasting relationships through storytelling, and that means earning — and keeping — your trust.

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We know how important your child’s safety and privacy are, so we’ll never contact them directly. All communications go through you.

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Imaginary Friends - Bring Stories to Life for Your Kids!

Imaginary Friends is a collection of interactive books that come to life with a little help from grownups. The child becomes part of the story as you help create the treasure hunts, digital clues, and cute coincidences that bring the story to life.