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Inside your Adventure Kit

Imaginary Friends is a simple new platform that brings reading, games and real-life activities together in a fun way. Each Adventure Kit comes with:

• A printed book aimed at 8-12 year old reading level, divided into 7-10 chapters
• An activity you can hide in the real world like puzzles or secret notes
• A digital-connected game or video for EVERY chapter!
• Extra ideas so parents can enhance the adventure (optional to the story)

Simple and easy to use

Using our quick and easy inventive platform, your child will go on adventures alongside the characters in the books and you’ll help shape the experience in a matter of minutes. Using games, scavenger hunts, cute coincidences, puzzles and more, your child will be directly involved in shaping the outcome of each book. Stories progress with the completion of each activity, that’s approved, delivered, and brought to life quickly and easily by you.

How does it work?

Each Imaginary Friends book tells the story of a strong kid or group of kids, on an adventure. But they can’t do it alone. In order for the stories to progress the stories, your child will have to help.

And that’s where your role begins.

When you order an Imaginary Friends book, you will receive an Adventure Kit in the mail containing everything you need to send the child in your life on a reading adventure. Each kit comes with the Imaginary Friends book of your choice, divided into individually bound chapters, a parental guide as well as puzzle pieces, recipes, and any other supplementary materials necessary to create the adventure.

Start your adventure

Upon ordering, you will also be prompted to create an online profile. This is how we will help guide you through the process. Our simple to use Imaginary Friends interface helps you create the ultimate reading experience.

It will tell you when to release each chapter, when to create clues, send messages, and design the interactive elements that bring the books to life. The magic is that you can do as much or as little as you like - and the adventure will still move forward and excite your child just the same.

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Imaginary Friends - Bring Stories to Life for Your Kids!

Imaginary Friends is a collection of interactive books that come to life with a little help from grownups. The child becomes part of the story as you help create the treasure hunts, digital clues, and cute coincidences that bring the story to life.