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Our night is planned! #readandexplore #kickstarter is cool – love the idea of helping to bring quality products to market   A photo posted by Leigh Mitchell (@womenbiznetwork) on

As we’re writing this there are only 36 precious hours to go. The team is now almost 300 strong and we’re $4,500 away from our Kickstarter goal… TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!

Just in case you need some help convincing your friends to be a part of the action, have a look at what some of our friends had to say about Imaginary Friends.

Imaginary Friends: An Interactive Storytelling Experience
by Mike Reynolds, Puzzling Posts
…My creativity level was low so I kind of just dropped it on the ground when the kids weren’t look before breakfast one morning and somehow it turned into an exciting discovery for them. From there we took to the laptop where there was a personal greeting asking for my girls by name to help the heroes of the book. MORE…

Bringing Stories to Life with Imaginary Friends
by Jenn, Sweet T Makes Three
This is Sweet T’s last summer before Kindergarten, and we’ve been busy making memories. Hopefully some of them are good ones. Ha! Today we visited the library and Burger King afterward for kid’s meals. Both my kids love trips to the library (with or without the promise of fast food) and enjoy being read to. I’m hoping to instil my love for reading in them! Imaginary Friends wants to help your cultivate that love of books in your child with their series of interactive books…that are so much more than just books. MORE…

Learning with Adventure Delivered to Your Doorstep – Imaginary Friends @IFBooks #readandexplore
by Leigh Mitchell, GtaParent
As a mom of two boys I can share with you my struggles to keep learning exciting for my boys. Adventure is everything to my guys but their growing up in a technology abundant world has made good old fashion play a challenge. MORE…
(Read Leigh’s other post on WomeninBizNetwork)

Two Chances to Win a Limited Edition Capes in the Family Print

There are two chances to win a signed print of the Capes in the Family Chapter 1 cover illustrated by Remie Geoffroi

WIN – Signed Print of the Capes in the Family Chapter 1 Cover
By Trisha Novotny, 24/7 Moms

Bring Stories to Life with Imaginary Friends
By Maria Lianos-Carbone, amotherworld


What would make Imaginary Friends even better? Share your ideas in the comments.

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Remie Geoffroi, illustrator of Capes in the Family

1) When and why did you start illustrating children’s stories?

I began illustrating my own stories at a very early age. I’d take a few sheets of paper, fold them in half, staple it, and then set about filling my book with a story and drawings. My own kids now do the same.

2) What was your inspiration for “Capes in the Family”?

As I read through the story, I was reminded of many stories and characters, such as the movie Spy Kids, with all the gadgets and inventions. I also took inspiration from the many comic books I’ve read over the years, superhero and science fiction movies (the Incredibles, Batman, Star Wars), etc. You could say I drew inspiration from many, many sources.

Capes in the Family Chapter 8

3) What was your favourite book as a kid and why?

My favourite book was “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. I really loved the story, drawings, and the idea that this kid, Max, could be transported to this mythical land and command all of these beastly monsters. It is still such a joy to read.

A close second would be “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl. As a kid who loved candy and fantastical ideas, it was such an engaging read. The version with illustrations by Joseph Schindelman is the edition that I loved.

Neither of these authors hid the grim nature of their characters, which made it all the more enthralling.

4) What’s your favourite childhood memory?

So tough to choose one – but I really enjoyed my summers spent all day on the beach at Lake Huron with my family. We’d build sandcastles, bury each other in the sand, swim, collect smooth stones, driftwood and “sea glass”, and then have big bonfires at night roasting marshmallows.

5) If you could have lunch with any your three favourite children’s book characters who would you choose and why?

I’d probably choose Willy Wonka because he can make the impossible possible. I’d also choose Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes, because he has such a wild imagination and warped sense of humour. He’s not technically a children’s book character, but certainly one of the most influential fictional characters from my youth. I’ll throw Max in there, too – just to see what he and Calvin could get up to together.

Try a FREE sample of “Capes in the Family”! 

Remie Geoffroi has been an active freelance illustrator for over 15 years, maintaining a wide client base of US and Canadian clients. He has been involved in children’s publishing for much of that time, working with publishers such as Scholastic, Canadian History Society, Formac, and illustrating the joke pages for chickaDEE magazine, published by Owl Kids for over 10 years. During that time, Remie reimagined the characters of Mish, Mash and Mush and co-developed a joke book featuring them.


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Are you still looking for the perfect Father’s Day card for your child to give their amazing dad this Father’s Day? Well, you don’t need to look any further because we’re offering five fabulous Father’s Day cards that you can download for free!

Simply select one or more of the following Father’s Day cards below, featuring some of our favourite Imaginary Friends Books characters. Click the card you want to view and a PDF version will open, print it and fold it. Voilà, you’re latest mission is complete.

Imaginary Friends Father’s Day Card 1

Imaginary Friends Father’s Day Card 2

Imaginary Friends Father’s Day Card 3

Imaginary Friends Father’s Day Card 4

Imaginary Friends Father’s Day Card 5

For more information on Imaginary Friends Books and how you can become a part of our community, please visit Kickstarter or download a FREE sample kit.

What’s your favourite story time memory with your dad? Share it with us in the comments.


Capes in the Family cover

We have TEN days left in our campaign and we’re going to hit 200 backers any day now.

To boost awareness and understanding, we’ve been working overtime to create a FREE sample of our first book, Capes in the Family by Gregg Taylor and Remie Geoffroi. The sample kit includes the first two chapters with a scavenger hunt in between, we hope you – and the children in your life – agree it’s lots of fun!

Download the free sample!

Remember this is still in beta (or alpha, as the Imaginary Friends team likes to say) so it may not be perfect just yet – it’s impossible to test on 200 different computers/tablets/phones without a lot of help – and we want to make sure it’s perfect for the official release in the fall.

Please, please, please get in touch with us with your questions, thoughts and/or reactions by leaving a comment. We truly value your opinion and will reply.

We hope you’ll enjoy a little taste of Capes in the Family and join our community on Kickstarter!

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Imaginary Friends is a collection of interactive books that come to life with a little help from grownups. The child becomes part of the story as you help create the treasure hunts, digital clues, and cute coincidences that bring the story to life.