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Our night is planned! #readandexplore #kickstarter is cool – love the idea of helping to bring quality products to market   A photo posted by Leigh Mitchell (@womenbiznetwork) on

As we’re writing this there are only 36 precious hours to go. The team is now almost 300 strong and we’re $4,500 away from our Kickstarter goal… TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!

Just in case you need some help convincing your friends to be a part of the action, have a look at what some of our friends had to say about Imaginary Friends.

Imaginary Friends: An Interactive Storytelling Experience
by Mike Reynolds, Puzzling Posts
…My creativity level was low so I kind of just dropped it on the ground when the kids weren’t look before breakfast one morning and somehow it turned into an exciting discovery for them. From there we took to the laptop where there was a personal greeting asking for my girls by name to help the heroes of the book. MORE…

Bringing Stories to Life with Imaginary Friends
by Jenn, Sweet T Makes Three
This is Sweet T’s last summer before Kindergarten, and we’ve been busy making memories. Hopefully some of them are good ones. Ha! Today we visited the library and Burger King afterward for kid’s meals. Both my kids love trips to the library (with or without the promise of fast food) and enjoy being read to. I’m hoping to instil my love for reading in them! Imaginary Friends wants to help your cultivate that love of books in your child with their series of interactive books…that are so much more than just books. MORE…

Learning with Adventure Delivered to Your Doorstep – Imaginary Friends @IFBooks #readandexplore
by Leigh Mitchell, GtaParent
As a mom of two boys I can share with you my struggles to keep learning exciting for my boys. Adventure is everything to my guys but their growing up in a technology abundant world has made good old fashion play a challenge. MORE…
(Read Leigh’s other post on WomeninBizNetwork)

Two Chances to Win a Limited Edition Capes in the Family Print

There are two chances to win a signed print of the Capes in the Family Chapter 1 cover illustrated by Remie Geoffroi

WIN – Signed Print of the Capes in the Family Chapter 1 Cover
By Trisha Novotny, 24/7 Moms

Bring Stories to Life with Imaginary Friends
By Maria Lianos-Carbone, amotherworld


What would make Imaginary Friends even better? Share your ideas in the comments.

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Imaginary Friends - Bring Stories to Life for Your Kids!

Imaginary Friends is a collection of interactive books that come to life with a little help from grownups. The child becomes part of the story as you help create the treasure hunts, digital clues, and cute coincidences that bring the story to life.