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Exactly what is imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friend Books is an interactive book format for children and their parents to read and interact together. Parents have the ability to approve, schedule and customize the interactive experience for their child through a web interface. Imaginary Friend Books will be available to iPad and iPhone users through the App store soon.

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Meet our Author

Imaginary Friends Author

Andrea Phillips
Andrea Phillips is a transmedia writer and game designer who has worked on award-winning projects for clients such as HBO, Sony Pictures,and Channel 4 Education,plus original projects like Perplex City, Thomas Dolby’s Floating City, and the nonprofit human rights game America 2049. Her indie work includes Balance of Powers and the forthcoming Felicity. She cheats at Words with Friends.

Meet our illustrator

Imaginary Friends Illustrator

Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes is an illustrator/comic creator in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has three graphic novels – Shenanigans (Oni Press, 2007), This American Drive (Invisible, 2009) and True Story (Invisible, 2011), a collected volume of his art project Mikenesses (2012), and has contributed to the Image Comics anthology This Is A Souvenir (2009).

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